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We hope you will find this page useful in planning your next visit to Gibraltar. On Sunday or Wednesday there will be an opportunity to visit any of the touristic sited below:

Rock Tour + WWII Tunnels

Pick up: Hotels 

Dates: Sunday 26, 2 pm / Wednesday 29, 10 am

Duration: 2hours 15 minutes

Fee: £23 pp

Standing at the crossroads between Europe and Africa and the Atlantic and the Mediterranean take advantage of Experiencing Gibraltar on a Rock Tour.

This unique trip around the Rock offers truly breath taking views and giving you the chance to see the interesting points of the town.

This tour include visits to:

  • Europa Point: is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. Overlooking North Africa, the Bay of Gibraltar as well as our Spanish neighbours.
  • Ape’s Den: where home is to Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques.
  • St Michael’s Cave: contains a network of limestone caves located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve with a height of well over 300 metres above sea level. . This cave has marked a distinct attraction for decades
Complement the rock tour with a fascinating visit to the World War II Tunnels: A Massive network of tunnels excavated from 1939-1944 creating a fortress within a fortress. This extended 45 minutes guided tour will provide a thorough understanding of the great British History of Gibraltar.

Dolphin Safari

Pick-up: Gibraltar’s Marina Bay
Time: 12:00, 14:00 and 15:30
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: £15 pp

Gibraltar’s favourable Mediterranean Climate entices an enjoyable and educational dolphin-watching safari. Gibraltar has three regular wild species of dolphins that are to be seen around the coast of Gibraltar. Whales also migrate here to Gibraltar including the Blue whale known as the largest mammal of them all.

Other interesting places in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Museum

The Gibraltar Museum is located within the City of Gibraltar, minutes from the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned in Main Street and the Commonwealth Park, which should be jotted on your visit list during your stay. The Gibraltar Museum covers all aspects of our history.

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens


Gibraltar’s Main Street

Millions of tourists are attracted to this little rock known as Gibraltar whether it is for Sports, Business or simply leisure all will stroll through the commercial district, Main Street.


Pillars of Hercules Monument    St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar 06   Great Siege Tunnels gun 2

Pillars of Hercules                      St Michael’s Cave               Great Siege Tunnels


Captain J. Fitzgerald in Gibraltar with Kathleen, a 2 year old Barbary macaque from French Morocco, on his shoulder    unigib3  CableCar

Apes Den                                    The Rock                                Cable Car



Beaches from the top of the Rock

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