2016 UE4SD Conference


AtriumThe conference will take place at the award winning University of Gibraltar Campus.

The University of Gibraltar is physically the southernmost University in Europe. It is situated at the southern extremity of Gibraltar, on a plateau above the Strait of Gibraltar, at the point where the Mediterranean Sea begins. It is just to the south of caves where Neanderthals lived until around 24,000 years ago. Indeed Gibraltar, from the times of ancient mythology, was recognised as a very special location. It is the Pillar of Hercules that is located on European soil.

FoyerThe University of Gibraltar is itself housed in an iconic building, overlooking the Strait. From its terrace, it is possible on a clear night to see the light of 5 lighthouses, in three countries (Gibraltar, Morocco and Spain), in two continents (Europe and Africa).

The main building consists of two elements, the Defensible Barracks constructed following the recommendations of Major General Sir John Jones of 1841; and the adjacent Bombproof Barracks which were built later in the Victorian period on the curtain wall between the 1st Europa Right Flank (to the east) and Woodford's Left Flank (to the west).

OuterDoorNightThe Defensible Barracks and the Bombproof Barracks have been sensitively restored and are today connected with a glass-covered atrium.


University of Gibraltar
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