2016 UE4SD Conference

Nick Foskett

foskettProfessor Nick Foskett is Emeritus Professor of Educational Leadership at Keele University in the UK, and a Consultant in Higher Education leadership, policy and strategy.  From 2010-2015 he was Vice Chancellor (President) and Chief Executive  of Keele University. Prior to his appointment at Keele he had been Dean of the Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Southampton. He began his career as a teacher of Geography and Geology in secondary schools and further education, before taking up a senior administrative post at Aston University. He moved to the University of Southampton in 1989 as a Lecturer in Education, where he progressed to Senior Lecturer and then to Professor of Education, before becoming Head of the School of Education in 2000.

His academic specialism lies in educational policy, leadership and management, with a particular focus on the interaction of policy and practice. His main research contributions have been in the fields of education markets, student choice, the management of institutional partnerships, and processes of internationalisation, particularly in the 14-19 sector and in universities. He also has a long standing interest in the governance of universities.

He retains his passion for geography and the environment and has a strong engagement with sustainability agendas in education. He has promoted a range of national and international projects and initiatives to move universities to engage with sustainability both as organisations and through their curriculum


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