2014 Annual Meeting

The Charles University Environment Center will host the 2014 UE4SD Annual General Meeting in Prague on Thursday, 2 October. The COPERNICUS Conference will follow the next day.

This will be the first time all 55 project partners will be assembled in one location, so it is a grand opportunity to discuss progress on the project to date, results of the mapping exercise, project management and administration, hear the perspectives of representatives from all four regional hubs, and discuss next project stages and potential involvement in the CA Conference.

This is a unique chance to network with a large number of experts involved in the sustainability transition of universities and in particular the theme of competences for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It is the first time higher education representatives and champions of ESD from so many European countries (33), including non-EU states from the Balkans and beyond, will gather together to discuss and shed more light on an area of ESD in higher education that has remained relatively neglected until now. The potential benefit is huge in terms of building momentum to drive the sustainability transition agenda forward.

For detailed information about the venue, accommodation and travel within Prague, download this PDF attachment.

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